Faculty and Supervisors Training

Faculty and supervisors are legally required to complete two hours of sexual harassment prevention training every two years, and new faculty and supervisors are required to take training within 90 days of hire.

The UC Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Faculty and Supervisors is an online, interactive course provided through the Learning Center, which:

  • Educates learners about state and federal laws prohibiting discrimination and harassment
  • Through scenarios and case studies, helps educate learners on how to avoid harassing conduct
  • Provides definitions of crimes and policy provisions including relationship violence, sexual assault and stalking
  • Trains learners on their responsible employee reporting obligations and how to respond to someone who discloses a Prohibited Conduct incident to them including how to inform such a person of their rights and options; and
  • Discusses confidentiality and retaliation.

For questions regarding technical issues, please follow the steps below or email ucrlearning@ucr.edu.

You will need to take the following steps to launch the course after logging into the UC Learning Center:

  1. On the homepage, click on the Required Training button.
  2. Click the Start button to the left of UC Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Supervisors and Faculty.
  3. Click Restart. Please note, the language used in the Restart pop-up window means you are recording a new attempt on top of the previous completion. Your previous attempt will still exist in the system and will still appear on your transcript.
  4. Then in the course window, click Retake

If you used the link in the email notice to immediately launch the course you will still need to take step 4 if not also step 3 above.