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Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Advisors

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Trained Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Advisors


Sexual Harassment Advisors (SHAs) and Sexual Violence Advisors (SVAs) are faculty and staff other than the Title IX Director/Compliance Officer who serve as additional resources for members of the University community with questions or concerns regarding behavior that may be sexual harassment or sexual violence.  The SHSVAs are members of the campus community who are trained to assist students, faculty, and staff with concerns about sexual harassment and/or sexual violence.  The SHAs and SVAs are knowledgeable about applicable laws, University policies and procedures, options available for resolution of complaints, and confidentiality requirements. 

The SHAs and SVAs act as an information resource and will:

  • Provide a copy of the UC Policy on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence and Title IX/Sexual Harassment contact information;
  • Inform the complainant of the distinction between an informal and a formal complaint;
  • Provide information about and discuss options, including mediation, which may be taken without filing a formal complaint;
  • Discuss confidentiality and the "need to know";
  • Encourage reporting of criminal acts; and
  • Inform/consult with the Sexual Harassment Officer

Sexual Harassment Advisors:

  • Katina Napper
    Academic Personnel Office
    381 Surge
    (951) 827-5032
    (for faculty)

  • Elizabeth Mondragon
    Counseling Center

    Veitch Student Center, North
    (951)8 827-5531
    (for students or for those concerns about the welfare of a student)
  • Jeanette Bradeen
    Housing Services/Residence Life      

    3595 Canyon Crest Drive
    (951) 827-2463
    (for students)
  • Heidie Rhodes
    Human Resources      

    1160 University Avenue
    (951) 827-2463
    (for staff and student workers)
  • Nancy Tubbs
    Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center

    245 Costo Hall
    (951) 827-2267
    (for students, faculty, and staff)
  • Romanie Arterberry
    Women's Resource Center    

    260 Costo Hall
    (951) 827-3337
    (for students, faculty, and staff)

Sexual Violence Advisors:

  • Romanie Arterberry
    Women's Resource Center
    260 Costo Hall
    (951) 827-3337

  • Jessika Hunt
    50M Athletics and Dance Building
    (951) 827-3347

  • Julie Mills

    Campus Health Center
    0213 Health Services Building
    (951) 827-3031 
  • Audrey Pusey

    Housing Residential
    Lothian C0104
    (951) 827-4252

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